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Thu, 7 May 2009
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Wed, 6 May 2009
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Mon, 4 May 2009
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Tue, 28 April 2009
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Tue, 21 April 2009
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Sun, 19 April 2009
(diff) (hist)18:40Newsnew How to install and configure Nagios on different operating systemsAfsha WaleleThe target readers for this book are System Administrators interested in using Nagios. This book will introduce Nagios with the new features of Version 3 for System Administrators.
Fri, 17 April 2009
(diff) (hist)15:33Resourcerevised How to secure your web services using Oracle WSManusonia
(diff) (hist)15:10Resourcenew How to secure your web services using Oracle WSManusoniaUnderstand the basics of enterprise Security – Web Services, SSO, and Token Service
Thu, 16 April 2009
(comment)06:02Forum topiccomment check out
on Parallel Process using Flow activity from raaji
(comment)05:33Forum topiccomment BPEL parallel execution
on Parallel Process using Flow activity from raaji
(comment)04:56Forum topiccomment What BPEL Engine you are using?
on Parallel Process using Flow activity from raaji
Wed, 15 April 2009
(comment)09:20Forum topiccomment regarding parallel issue
on parallel flows not initiating parallely from vikrem_sp
(diff) (hist)09:14Forum topicnew Parallel Process using Flow activityraaji
(diff) (hist)05:12Newsnew Design, Build and Implement SOA Solutions with New Book on Oracle SOA SuiteDuaneSM
Sat, 11 April 2009
(diff) (hist)06:28Newsnew Automate and Reuse Business Processes with New Book on JBoss Droolsjude
Tue, 7 April 2009
(diff) (hist)15:00Newsnew April 8 free webinar - Intro to ActiveVOS 6.1aei-bpel
Wed, 1 April 2009
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Tue, 31 March 2009
(diff) (hist)18:06Newsnew New features in ActiveVOS 6.1 - free webinar April 1aei-bpel
Tue, 24 March 2009
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Sun, 22 March 2009
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Tue, 17 March 2009
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Fri, 13 March 2009
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Tue, 10 March 2009
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(diff) (hist)18:21Newsnew Active Endpoints Announces ActiveVOS 6.1aei-bpel
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Tue, 3 March 2009
(diff) (hist)17:04Newsnew Free webinar Mar 4: "Introduction to ActiveVOS"aei-bpel
Fri, 27 February 2009
(diff) (hist)15:17Newsnew Parasoft CEO Sees Possibility Of Huge IT Productivity Gainscarolgeyer
Thu, 26 February 2009
(diff) (hist)14:29Newsnew Banco Ficohsa selects T24 to improve its customer experiencecarolgeyer
Wed, 25 February 2009
(diff) (hist)17:41Wiki pagerevised Proposed BPEL extensionsvantoformatting fixed.
(diff) (hist)17:40Wiki pagerevised Proposed BPEL extensionsvanto"E4X Extension for WS-BPEL 2.0" added.
Mon, 23 February 2009
(diff) (hist)22:34Newsnew Free webinar on Feb 25: "Introduction to ActiveVOS"aei-bpel
Fri, 20 February 2009
(diff) (hist)14:54Newsnew DSI dcLINK 5.0 Validated for Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite 12carolgeyer
Thu, 19 February 2009
(diff) (hist)17:14Newsnew Sun realigns software around GlassFishcarolgeyer
Tue, 17 February 2009
(diff) (hist)16:53Eventnew Free webinar on 2/18: "Introduction to ActiveVOS"aei-bpel
Mon, 9 February 2009
(diff) (hist)14:38Newsnew WSO2 offers open source, componentized SOAcarolgeyer
Wed, 4 February 2009
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Tue, 3 February 2009
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author: carolgeyer
(diff) (hist)16:05Newsrevised Active Endpoints announces “BPM in a Bottle" Contestaei-bpel
(diff) (hist)16:04Newsnew Active Endpoints announces “BPM in a Bottle" Contestaei-bpel
Mon, 2 February 2009
(diff) (hist)17:10Eventnew Free webinar: "Introduction to ActiveVOS"aei-bpel
(diff) (hist)04:01Newsnew Review on "SOA Governance"HarishK
Fri, 30 January 2009
(diff) (hist)14:25Newsnew Newgen Software launches Omniflow 8.0carolgeyer
Thu, 29 January 2009
(diff) (hist)15:08Newsnew The Bloor "Bullseye View" of BPMcarolgeyer
Mon, 26 January 2009
(diff) (hist)21:32Eventnew Introduction to ActiveVOSaei-bpel
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author: tim.hallwyl
kopporAdded reference to overview paper, added reference to abstract syntax report. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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