Automate and Reuse Business Processes with New Book on JBoss Drools

JBoss Drools Business Rules is a new book from Packt that helps readers understand the basics of business and JBoss rules with minimal effort. Written by Paul Browne, this book guides business analysts to capture business processes and harness JBoss Drools Business Rules in an organization.


In business, a lot of actions are trigged by rules such as "Order more ice cream when stock is below 100 and temperature is above 25 degrees C” and so on. Traditional computer programming languages make it difficult to translate this "natural language" into a software program. This is where this book comes in handy because by learning about JBoss Rules (also known as Drools), business analysts with enterprise IT skills will be able to turn statements such as these into running computer code.

Through this book, business analysts will learn to automate their business processes such as order processing, supply management, conflict resolution, and the Rete algorithm, to provide advanced and faster business systems so that staff efficiency is maximized. Using FIT, users will be able to test the rules against requirements documents, and run unit tests with the help of JUnit for error-free rules and interruption-free services. Working with Domain-Specific Languages and rule flow, users will be able to write rules easily, thus making staff training quicker.

The reader will learn to use the Guvnor, which is a user-friendly web editor that helps in testing rules as they write them.  By importing the fact model into the Guvnor, they will be able to build a guided rule around it. Along with gaining an insight into the Guvnor rule editor, users will learn to use the JBoss IDE to automate processes for discounts, orders, sales etc. Non-developers can use this book to work with Excel spreadsheets as a fact model that assists in developing business processes.

JBoss Drools Business Rules is out now and is available from Packt. For more information, please visit:

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