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Fri, 15 February 2008
(diff) (hist)14:58Newsnew OASIS Members Form New Committee to Advance BPEL4Peoplecarolgeyer
(comment)01:37Forum topiccomment REST through adapter
on Would WS-BPEL work with RESTful Web services? from carolgeyer
(comment)01:33Forum topiccomment BPEL4People
on How does WS-BPEL handle human tasks? from carolgeyer
Thu, 14 February 2008
(diff) (hist)17:09Newsupdated Active Endpoints Ships First Open-Source System to Include People in Composite Applicationsaei-bpel
(comment)15:33Forum topiccomment Thank you very much for your
on Fault in Compensation Handler from realytic
(diff) (hist)05:00Productnew SEEBURGER: Business Integration Serverb.eckenfels
Wed, 13 February 2008
(comment)22:22Forum topiccomment Compensation within compensation
on Fault in Compensation Handler from realytic
(diff) (hist)20:42Newsupdated OASIS Launches BPEL Online Communitycarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)20:16Book pageupdated Sponsorscarolgeyer
Tue, 12 February 2008
(diff) (hist)21:03Forum topicupdated Fault in Compensation Handler
author: realytic
Fri, 8 February 2008
(diff) (hist)14:16Newsupdated Observatory Service Broker Contributed to CECIDcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)14:08Newsnew Apache Tuscany Java 1.1 Released: SCA Meets Web 2.0carolgeyer
Thu, 7 February 2008
(diff) (hist)14:45Newsupdated InfoWorld: Oracle launches Data Integration Suitecarolgeyer
Wed, 6 February 2008
(diff) (hist)17:09Wiki pageupdated Specificationscarolgeyer
Tue, 5 February 2008
(diff) (hist)13:37Newsupdated InformIT: Achieving Separation of Concerns Using BPELcgeyer
(diff) (hist)13:33Newsnew InfoQ: Process Component Models: The Next Generation in Workflow?cgeyer
(diff) (hist)13:02Forum topicnew How is the property alias feature used to select multiple nodes?tim.hallwyl
Fri, 1 February 2008
(diff) (hist)20:55Wiki pageupdated History of BPELcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)20:48Pageupdated Editorial boardcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)20:37Newsupdated OASIS issues Call for Participation in new BPEL4People Technical Committeecarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)17:00Newsupdated OASIS solicits feedback on proposed BPEL4People TC chartercarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)08:09Wiki pageupdated Blogroll
author: carolgeyer
Thu, 31 January 2008
(diff) (hist)15:44Pageupdated Blogging guidelinescarolgeyer
Wed, 23 January 2008
(diff) (hist)20:16Wiki pageupdated Wiki KnowledgebasecarolgeyerTo add a new page to the Wiki Knowledgebase, insert your page title surrounded by double brackets, [[page title]], in the 'Body' field above. Select the 'Submit' button below. Your new link will now appear in the Wiki outline. Click on your new link, and you will be directed to a form where you can add content.
Fri, 18 January 2008
(diff) (hist)16:55Newsnew XML Daily Newslink: Eclipse Swordfish SOA runtime mixes SCA, JBI and OSGicarolgeyer
Fri, 11 January 2008
(diff) (hist)13:58Forum topicnew Difference between join and transition conditionstim.hallwyl
(diff) (hist)13:37Forum topicnew Schema types for expressionstim.hallwyl
Wed, 9 January 2008
(diff) (hist)23:33Service providersupdated Intalio
author: seanor
(diff) (hist)22:14Wiki pageupdated BPEL Testimonialscarolgeyer
Wed, 19 December 2007
(diff) (hist)05:50Newsupdated New book on Service Oriented Architecture and its Approach to Integration Published by PacktDivyaP
Tue, 18 December 2007
(diff) (hist)20:17Productupdated Intalio|BPMS Serverseanor
(diff) (hist)19:59Productnew Apache ODEseanor
Fri, 14 December 2007
(diff) (hist)16:47Wiki pageupdated List of organizations using BPELcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)16:22Wiki pageupdated Exception handlingcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)16:21Wiki pageupdated Parallel processingcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)16:20Wiki pageupdated Repetitive activitiescarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)16:19Wiki pageupdated Structuring process logiccarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)16:19Wiki pageupdated Data manipulationcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)00:18Wiki pageupdated WS-BPEL 2.0 versus BPEL4WS 1.1carolgeyer
(diff) (hist)00:13Wiki pageupdated About BPELcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)00:11Wiki pageupdated Why use BPELcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)00:07Newsupdated DataDirect® Shadow® Version 7 Includes Native BPEL 2.0 Runtime and Eclipse-Based Studio with BPEL Developer
author: datadirect
Thu, 13 December 2007
(diff) (hist)23:44Book pageupdated Edit or add a Wiki pagecarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)14:55Newsnew Intelligent Enterprise: Roundtripping Revisitedcarolgeyer
Wed, 12 December 2007
(diff) (hist)11:25Forum topicnew Restrictions on query language in assignmentstim.hallwyl
Tue, 11 December 2007
(diff) (hist)16:06Forum topicupdated Isolated scope semantics
author: artem.polyvyanyy
(diff) (hist)14:08Newsupdated InfoWorld: Iona upgrades open, closed source SOA carolgeyer
(comment)10:58Forum topiccomment Isolated scope semantics
on Isolated scope semantics from artem.polyvyanyy
Mon, 10 December 2007
(diff) (hist)21:41Resourceupdated Software AG Uses ActiveBPEL to Help Customers Service-enable and Reuse Applications to Achieve High-value Business Integration
author: aei-bpel
(diff) (hist)21:38Resourceupdated BPEL-related IBM RedBooks
author: rwunderlich
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