Parallel Process using Flow activity

Hi Everyone,

Iam looking for a solution since a long time. Please help me if u already resolve such problem. 

My webservices should run parallelly using WS-BPEL. But those are happening sequentially.

Code follows:

 <bpws:flow name="Flow">

<bpws:sequence name="First">

<bpws:invoke inputVariable="convertRequest"

name="printMsg" operation="printMsg"


partnerLink="convert" portType="ns0:convertPortType">



<bpws:sequence name="Second">


<bpws:assign name="Assign" validate="no">






<bpws:invoke inputVariable="convertArgRequest"

name="printArgMsg" operation="printArgMsg"


partnerLink="convert" portType="ns0:convertPortType">











Your code looks fine, looks like a limitaion of your BPEL engine or the configuration you use. You have not talked about this.

How did you check if it is executed in parallel? The engine can chose to execute the flow in one thread, as long as it is not blocked by a receive (or invoke) it eventually will execute all tasks in the flow. You dont get a parallel gurantee (from most BPEL engines or der standard)

Bernd --
Chief Architect (R&D)

Hi Gruss Bernd -- ,

I am happey to c the reply to my question. ThanQ Verrrry much.

As per our requirement, we have to use open source BPEL engine, so we chose to use JBoss BPEL(jbpm-bpel-1.1.1).

Is there any configuration issues or i have seen in one of the forums like we have to set "nonBlockingInvoke" to true. But it is for Oracle BPEL.

And i checked about the parallel flow by using Thread.sleep in both of my webservice's methods.......also i executed the example Purchase BPEL process(Which mainly used for parallel flow) it is working parallely(I include Thread.sleep in example's methods) 

So can u please guide me.........







I am not very familiar with jBPM, so I cant help you here. However it sounds like a reasonable restriction of the engine to inline Java calls in a single thread and not do concurrency (unless some Pooling or async invocation is configured). I suggest you research in this area in jBPM specific forums (on
You might also just ignore the behaviour for sleep and check out if another more asyncronous activity works as expected.

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