Banco Ficohsa selects T24 to improve its customer experience

Temenos, the global provider of integrated core banking systems, today announced that Banco Ficohsa, one of the largest banks in Honduras, has selected TEMENOS T24 (T24) to support its retail and corporate banking operations, servicing 650,000 accounts across 88 branches in Honduras and the United States. Banco Ficohsa signed the deal in December 2008, making it the first privately owned commercial bank in Central America to implement T24.

Banco Ficohsa selected T24 Model Bank for Universal Banking based on its ability to fully support the bank's strategy to improve its customers' experience through the introduction of new products and a wider range of user friendly service channels. The bank also selected TEMENOS ARC (ARC) Internet Banking and Mobile modules from Temenos' suite of front office applications. These will be implemented alongside T24 to extend the single customer view across the front and back office, enabling Banco Ficohsa to tailor and improve internet and mobile channels for a more personalised and positive service. This will include new mobile banking transfer options and a selection of online deposit, savings and loan services...

T24 provides banks with unparalleled richness in functionality on an integrated, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), with front- to-back office support and is fully enabled for standard SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) web services, and BPEL process execution. Temenos' total commitment to open standards enables its customers to benefit from the latest advances in technology, ensuring business agility, continuity, data integrity and reduced downtime, all resulting in a significant delivering a significant, immediate and ongoing ROI.

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