Building BPEL with webservices using Cookie for Session Management


I have a system which has authentication service & Query Sevice.

Before calling  the query operation of the Query Service, I have to call the Login  Operation from the authentication service.

After sucessful login the system sets a cookie in the http client to identify the user session.  To maintain this session I have to use a single http client or I have to pass on this cookie to the subsquest http clients. If Iam Programatically doing it is not a problem to achieve this.

But when building a BPEL process, how to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance



Depends on the BPEL engine and the HTTP component used. Typically this is not part of the standard. In our system there are two solutions, one is keeping the cookies (shared) in the HTTP Client component and BPEL does not need to know, one is having a special (technical) WSDL which alles to set and retrieve all kind of HTTP Headers.

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