The Naval Research Lab on process orchestration

Download this recording of a webinar featuring Jim Ballas, Ph.D. and Justin Nevitt of the Naval Research Laboratory on the topic of process orchestration for defense systems.

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How to secure your web services using Oracle WSM

Web services (WS) provide a simple, standardized way to connect applications over the Internet, however they require management of security and other run-time operations to work effectively. Oracle Web Services Manager is a software solution for managing the operations of web services and the interactions between these services.

The following tutorial explains in detail how to digitally sign and verify messages in web services using Oracle Web Services Manager.

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SOA Governance

  • Understand the difference between run-time and design-time SOA governance.
  • Leverage SOA management and SOA Registry/Repository tools in your governance efforts.
  • Define governance processes that will work in the culture of your organization.
  • Determine the people in your organization that must be involved in the governance efforts.
  • Define the policies that will help your organization achieve its SOA goals.

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BPMN-BPEL Transformation and Round Trip engineering

 To achieve business agility  that a business user can actually configure and orchestrate SOA services, a business process modeling tool  must provide high-fidelity and robust transformation between BPMN models and implementation code: BPEL and Web Services. 

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Business Process Driven SOA using BPMN and BPEL

Modeling business processes for SOA and developing end-to-end IT support has become one of the top IT priorities. The SOA approach is based on services and on processes. Processes are focused on composition of services and in that sense services become process activities.
Experience has shown that the implementation and optimization of processes are the most important factors in the success of SOA projects. SOA is so valuable to businesses because it enables process optimization.

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