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Resources provides a directory of educational materials and community-support tools for BPEL.

BPEL Learning Guide

This SearchWebServices.com learning guide introduces you to BPEL. It includes articles, tips, expert advice, white papers and more that explain how BPEL fits into the world of Web services.

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BPEL on IBM developerWorks website

IBM has been an advocate of BPEL since the beginning, and its developerWorks site has a number of pre-existing articles and tutorials that discuss BPEL and various IBM tools and technologies.

Please note that even though several of these articles are only a couple months old, both the products and standards mentioned may have newer revisions. Please check both IBM product versions and BPEL standards versions.

Here are a few of the recent articles you may find of interest:

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BPEL Training Course

Welcome to Cape Clear's popular BPEL training course, now available online for the first time. This course uses a combination of video presentations and hands-on exercises to teach you about the key features of BPEL.

Each individual video runs to about 10 minutes and they deliver just over 70 minutes of presentations in total. If you also complete the course exercises, we think most users will complete the course in under a day.

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