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Products provides a central location for providers to describe available tools that support BPEL. Users are invited to share experiences using the "add new comment" link that appears at the bottom of each listing.

This directory is provided as a community resource and is not the result of any certification program or compliance testing. Authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of their entries. OASIS encourages readers to evaluate this information independently.

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IBM WebSphere® Process Server

IBM has been a long-supporter of BPEL, and numerous IBM products support BPEL as well.

WebSphere® Process Server
WebSphere Process Server helps deliver an SOA infrastructure that provides one common model to orchestrate, mediate, connect, map, and execute the underlying IT functions. With this, WebSphere Process Server simplifies integration of business processes by leveraging existing IT assets as reusable services, but without the complexities associated with traditional integration methodologies.

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IDS Scheer AG: ARIS SOA Architect

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) starts and ends with a company’s business processes. Enterprises can only adapt quickly to new market requirements if their business processes are properly modeled and then translated into technical services in a structured fashion. ARIS SOA Architect enables users to design an SOA based on the business processes deployed in the various departments.

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Intalio|BPMS Server

Intalio|BPMS is a complete business process management suite that uses the Apache Foundation's excellent Orchestration Director Engine (a.k.a. ODE) to process BPEL passed onto it.

BPMN is used to model processes in Intalio|BPMS Designer, which you can deploy to Intalio|BPMS Server to generate a model-driven application.

Ease of use was in mind when writing Intalio|BPMS, and therefore the model to application step has been simplified to a single click, "Deploy".

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Petals Link: Petals Studio

Petals Link, European open source SOA engineering company, provides open source SOA integration solutions, the Petals software suite.

Its flagship product is the open source Enterprise Services Bus Petals ESB.

Petals ESB brings SOA-compliant integration of applications – therefore improving flexibility and rationalization of the infrastructure, by exposing applications as reusable and freely combinable services.

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Progress Software: Sonic BPEL Server 7.5

Sonic BPEL Server, a member of the Sonic ESB
Product Family, adds standards-based service orchestration to the intelligent
routing capabilities of Sonic ESB. Through a drag-and-drop GUI in Sonic’s
Eclipse-based Workbench, Sonic BPEL Server improves developer productivity by
enabling service composition and event correlation with minimal programming.
With patent-pending distributed debugging technology, Sonic makes it easy to
develop, test and deploy any combination of BPEL, intelligent routing, and
integration services.

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Red Hat: JBoss jBPM

JBoss jBPM is a framework that delivers workflow, business process management (BPM), and orchestration in a scalable and flexible product. It enables enterprises to model and automate business processes that involve people, applications, and services.

The distinctive sign of JBoss jBPM is the power of choice it gives to analysts and developers. A generic process execution platform lies at the core of the product. Multiple process definition languages are built on top: BPEL, jPDL and Pageflow. Each comes with a unique feature set.

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SEEBURGER: Business Integration Server

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Server (BIS) is a B2B Process Management System featuring a BPEL Process Engine. This B2B Gateway Software is based on a High Performance Java Platform and ships with its own BPNM based graphical Process Modeller.

BPEL is used to drive the user designed integration process, as well as any BPM workflows. Therefore BPEL is not only limited to Web Service Integration, but also able to control other standards based XML and EDI B2B messaging protocols as well as exception monitoring and handling.

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SOA Governance

SOA Governance is the key to a successful adoption of Service-Oriented
Architecture. It is the process of establishing a desired outcome for
your efforts, and then leveraging people, policies, and processes to
make that outcome a reality. This includes technical policies and
standards that guide your design-time activities, policies and
processes that impact your project selection and funding decisions, and
finally run-time policies that impact your operational management

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