Petals Link: Petals Studio

Petals Link, European open source SOA engineering company, provides open source SOA integration solutions, the Petals software suite.

Its flagship product is the open source Enterprise Services Bus Petals ESB.

Petals ESB brings SOA-compliant integration of applications – therefore improving flexibility and rationalization of the infrastructure, by exposing applications as reusable and freely combinable services.

Among other features, this ESB includes a standards-compliant BPEL engine, to orchestrate services and build business processes.

Accompanying Petals ESB, Petals Studio is an standalone IDE based on a minimal subset of the Eclipse platform. It facilitates SOA setup by providing numerous configuration and design tools for available service engines and binding components.

It especially helps BPEL processes building, thanks to a BPEL wizard including graphical processes modelling and advanced validation.

Two other products facilitates SOA infrastructure management. Petals View, dedicated monitoring tool, allows to extract any and all relevant information from business processes, to keep business staff updated on what they need to know.

Petals Master aims at making governance more efficient. It eases services reuses by registering all services deployed across the infrastructure in a detailed database, with technical informations, metadata and service rating.

All these products combine to offer a well-equipped SOA integration platform.

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