OASIS issues Call for Participation in new BPEL4People Technical Committee

All interested parties are invited to participate in the new OASIS WS-BPEL Extension for People (BPEL4People) Technical Committee, which will hold its first meeting on 5 March 2008. The Committee will work to define:

  • a WS-BPEL extension enabling the definition of human interactions ("human tasks") as part of a WS-BPEL process.
  • a model enabling the definition of human tasks that are exposed as Web services
  • a programming interface enabling human task client applications to work with human tasks

This work will be carried out through continued refinement of the BPEL4People and WS-HumanTask specifications, which will be contributed to the Committee. Other contributions and changes to these input documents will be accepted for consideration without any prejudice or restrictions and evaluated based on technical merit in so far as they conform to the Committee's charter.

Read the complete BPEL4People Call for Participation from OASIS.

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