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This is the official community gathering place and information resource for the WS-BPEL OASIS Standard and related specifications. BPEL uses Web services standards to describe business process activities as Web services, defining how they can be composed to accomplish specific tasks. This is a community-driven site, and the public is encouraged to contribute content.

Active Endpoints announces ActiveVOS 5.0

Today, Active Endpoints announced ActiveVOS 5.0.

We believe that app dev has to change. Actually, to be more blunt, we believe a revolution is in order to meet today’s business challenges. Building applications the old way is too expensive and too inflexible. Today, applications must not only be adaptable, they must easily incorporate people, processes and services. And they must be testable, maintainable and scalable.

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Intalio Recruiting Process Experts (New York, DC, Palo Alto, France, Germany, Australia)

  • Job Title: Process Expert
  • Opening Date: Now
  • Location: New York, Washington, D.C., Palo Alto, France, Germany, Australia.
  • Requirements: Eligible to work in the US for New York and D.C. positions
Job Description

This is a high-potential opportunity to help grow a global company that is revolutionizing the enterprise software industry. Intalio is the thought leader in the fast-growing Business Process Management System market, with over 20,000 registered users, a best-of-breed open source

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Deploy AIA BPEL/ESB as non Oracle account

Some administrators of servers will not give the developer access to the application server as owner 'oracle'. They use this account for installation and configuration of the Oracle software. More often this account is shared along the servers, so the password is the same. In this case they will not 'give' the developer access. If you have access to such a server with another account as 'oracle', you will notice that executing the build.xml for deployment will not work. The tasks in the build.xml is changing some files in the Oracle directory tree.

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Soa Suite - ESB, BPEL - Nice-to-knows, pitfalls

Nathalie Roman has been checking out the different capabilities and new features of the Adapter-framework in ESB and BPEL and shares her insights on nasty pitfalls and nice-to-knows in this article. On the subject of inserting master-detail data using DB Adapter functionality, Roman writes, "It's best to make use of stored procedures instead of the toplink mappings file.

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Need for JBI and Service Engines in NetBeans

To gain a greater understanding of concept of SOA applications, BPEL processes and Java Business Integration (JBI) applications and to enable us to develop enterprise level SOA applications, we need to understand JBI in further depth, and how JBI components can be linked together. This article by Frank Jennings and David Salter shows how the JBI Service Engine is supported within the NetBeans Enterprise Pack.

The article discusses the following topics:

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