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9/14 Webinar: 3 Reasons to Use ActiveVOS BPMS to Automate Processes

Join Active Endpoints for a free webinar on 9/14 at 12pm ET to learn the top 3 ways in which ActiveVOS business process management system (BPMS) can help you automate and integrate your processes. Register:

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Webinar: Introducing ActiveVOS 9.0

Join Active Endpoints, Inc., the process automation company, for a special webinar on June 29 at 12pm ET/16:00 UTC where CTO Michael Rowley will demonstrate highlights of ActiveVOS 9.0 Enterprise Edition and the new ActiveVOS Data Center Edition. Register:

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Active Endpoints Announces ActiveVOS 9.0 and New Data Center Edition

Active Endpoints, Inc., the process automation company, today announced the general availability of ActiveVOS 9.0 Enterprise Edition and a new Data Center Edition. These latest releases deliver a highly scalable and secure SOA-based business process management (BPM) system that supports multi-tenant virtual partitioning and resource sharing, multi-site clustering for large IT organizations to deploy private clouds and enables software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers to deploy more cost-effective public clouds.

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Sparx Systems Releases Enterprise Architect 9

Sparx Systems, a vendor of modeling tools based on open standards, announced the official release of Enterprise Architect 9, a major update to its award winning modeling and design platform. Enterprise Architect 9 offers innovative solutions to those faced with the task of developing and managing highly complex processes, software and systems in a timely manner. "It redefines the possibilities of visual modeling and design environments," commented Tom O'Reilly, Sparx Systems COO.

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Webinar 6/22: Intro to Socrates

Join Clive Bearman, Active Endpoints Director of Product Marketing, on June 22, 12pm ET/9am PT for an introduction to Socrates, an innovative solution for building simple, yet powerful, web applications that guide users to specified outcomes. Register for the webinar:

Socrates is built on ActiveVOS, a SOA-based business process management system in which BPMN 2.0 process models are easy to design and change. When deployed, ActiveVOS executes BPMN models directly on a proven, high-performance BPEL engine.  

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