Webinar: 7 Ways BPM Tackles Telecom’s Operational Challenges

Join MWD Advisors Research Director Neil Ward-Dutton and Dr. Michael Rowley, CTO of Active Endpoints, on Wednesday, February 16 at 12pm EST/17:00 UTC, for a free webinar that explores telecom's operational challenges and the right tools to empower you to respond quickly and affordably. Register: http://www.activevos.com/resources/webinars/special. Neil and Michael will delve into how BPM can offer a SOA-based foundation for seamless, simple process development and deployment, resulting in an easily scalable solution.

Learn how to deliver demonstrable value from applications again and again with tools and techniques that enable all parties involved in delivery of the outcome – from the project sponsor to the admin and everyone in between. Application architects, developers, IT project managers and systems integrators in telecom will find this webinar especially compelling.


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