Webinar 5/18: Intro to Socrates

In this free webinar on May 18 at 12pm ET/16:00 UTC, Clive Bearman, Active Endpoints Director of Product Marketing, introduces you to Socrates, an innovative solution for building simple, yet powerful, web applications that guide users to specified outcomes. Register for the webinar: http://bit.ly/socratesintro.

Socrates is built on ActiveVOS, a SOA-based business process management system in which BPMN 2.0 process models are easy to design and change. When deployed, ActiveVOS executes BPMN models directly on a proven, high-performance BPEL engine. 

Socrates dramatically changes the way IT and domain experts collaborate to create prescriptive applications quickly and easily, empowering domain experts to design and deploy a screenflow-based application in minutes with no training or technical skills. In this lively one hour session, get to know Socrates through a live demo and Q&A.
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