Plan and Implement SOA Integration and Re-architecting with New Oracle Book

Packt is pleased to announce a new book Oracle Modernization Solutions by the Technical Director Tom Laszewski, and the Product Manager Jason Williamson of the Modernization Solutions team at Oracle. Written by experts in Modernization Solutions, this book will show users how to modernize a legacy mainframe application using the modernization approaches of SOA Integration and Re-architecture.

SOA Integration is a non-invasive approach and allows legacy components to be used as part of an SOA infrastructure quickly and without risk. Re-architecture focuses on reverse engineering legacy applications to preserve business knowledge, and then forward them to modern architectures that take advantage of open and extensible standards.

This book covers SOA Integration of the Mainframe and Re-architecture from Legacy Cobol to Open Systems using Oracle and partner tools. Users will learn how to expose a mainframe VSAM data store in an Oracle-based Java EE application. The book will also teach users to create a new Oracle/Java EE SOA-based application by leveraging the mainframe application code.

Users will be taught how to implement modernization techniques using Oracle (and partner) products to modernize the Oracle Platform. Users will feel comfortable to learn that mainframe modernization is possible and can be made less risky with the help of this book.

Project managers, program managers, developers and database architects who are tasked with modernization will find this book useful. For more information, please visit:
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