More data integration and virtualisation in Red Hat's SOA platform

Red Hat has extended its JBoss application server-based SOA Platform to include data integration and virtualisation technologies. The new versionĀ 5.1 of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform now includes the JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform, which allows users to access a variety of data sources as a single view. The tool creates a real-time composite of various data sources and makes the single view of that data available as services to other applications and business processes over the SOA platform's Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), or via JDBC or ODBC. The SOA suite now also includes the Apache CXF web service framework and versionĀ 4.0 of JBoss Developer Studio, a development environment that integrates with Eclipse and contains new ESB and data virtualisation tools. Other new additions include technical previews of the WS-BPEL service orchestration tool and of the gateway adapter for the Apache Camel integration framework...


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