Implement Business Rules with new Drools book from Packt

Packt is pleased to announce its new book, Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Developer's Guide, which will help readers learn about the business policies and procedures, integrated in the Java language, that describe or constrain the way an organization works. Written by Michal Bali, this book would let users learn how to set up JBoss Rules platform and write more efficient business rules using Drools.

Drools, is an open source, standards-based business rules engine. It allows business analysts and auditors visibility into the business rules encoded in IT application infrastructure, it facilitates verification on encoded rules that implement desired business policies. Drools, or JBoss Rules, make implementation of these rules quicker and less complicated.

Developers could discover the power of Drools and execute intelligent business logic with ease using Drools JBoss Rules 5.0 Developer's Guide. They could explore modules such as Drools Expert, Drools Fusion, Drools Flow, and create a WS-Human Task-compliant Work Item process in workflow. This book also covers Drools integration within Java business application and the Spring framework.

This book contains real-world examples that will help developers write efficient business rules, and work with the Rete algorithm, node indexing, node sharing, and parallelization. They will also implement concurrency control in cross-cutting functionalities to manage code easily and prepare decision tables for calculating account interest rates.

The book is for Java developers who want to create rules-based business logic using the Drools platform; basic knowledge of Java is essential. This book is out now and available from Packt. For more information, please visit

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