Develop Enterprise Java EE Applications with New NetBeans Book

Java EE 5 Development with NetBeans 6 is a new book from Packt that focuses on the features of the popular NetBeans IDE, and shows users to improve Java EE development. Written by Chief Technology Officer of Ensode Technology, LLC, David Heffelfinger, this book covers the major Java EE APIs such as JSF, EJB 3 and JPA, and shows how to work with them in NetBeans.

Java EE, the successor to J2EE, greatly simplifies the development of enterprise applications. With many features and great flexibility, the Java developer can become overwhelmed by the options available in NetBeans. The popular IDE, NetBeans, has several features that greatly simplify Java EE development, and this book will show developers how to make use of these features to make their Java programming efficient and productive.

This book will teach users to use NetBeans functionality to automate many of the tedious or repetitive tasks frequently encountered when developing applications using JavaBeans. Utilizing NetBeans, users will be able to implement the Model-View-Controller design pattern by using JavaBeans as the model component. They can also add messaging functionality to enterprise applications through the Java Messaging Service API and through message-driven EJBs.

While focusing on the features of NetBeans, users will learn to develop applications using the servlet API and JSPs, including taking advantage of JSTL and developing custom JSP tags. This book covers the NetBeans Visual Web designer in detail, and by taking advantage of it, readers will learn how to visually develop aesthetically elegant JSF applications. Users will also learn how to integrate NetBeans with third-party RDBMS and develop JavaServer Pages (JSPs) to display both static and dynamic content in a web browser.

Java developers who wish to develop Java EE applications using NetBeans functionality will find this book useful. The book is out now and is available from Packt. For more information, please visit
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