CTO Tuesdays Webinar, 8/3: BPM Standards Update

Join Active Endpoints CTO Michael Rowley tomorrow, August 3, for his
weekly technical talk CTO Tuesdays at 12pm EDT / 9am PDT / 16:00 UTC. Register at http://www.activevos.com/ctot.  This week, Rowley will address the large amount of progress that has recently been made in the development of standards that are important to business process management.  Rowley will describe the progress and status of the BPMN 2.0 effort at the OMG, the BPEL4People and WS-Human Task standards at OASIS, the XPDL 2.2 standard in the WFMC and a variety of SCA standards at OASIS.  He will also briefly describe the goals and approaches taken by these various standards efforts.

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