CTO Tuesdays, 3/1: Changing the way you think about business processes

Join Active Endpoints CTO, Michael Rowley, on Tuesday, March 1 at 12pm ET / 17:00 UTC for a special episode of CTO Tuesdays. The topic is "Changing the way you think about business processes." Register: www.activevos.com/ctot.

CTO Tuesdays has achieved a milestone this week – its 50th episode! To commemorate this occasion, Michael has planned a very special talk...one you do not want to miss. Michael will be unveiling a brand new product that will most definitely change the way you think about a certain class of business processes. Join us for the world premiere of this product that is designed to enable domain experts to build simple, yet powerful, web applications that guide users to successful outcomes.

Technologies discussed on CTO Tuesdays cover a wide variety of BPM technologies, including BPMN 2.0, SOA, web services, process modeling tools, BPEL, execution engines, AJAX-based forms development and human task integration.

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