CTO Tuesdays, 2/1: Undoing work when things go wrong

Please join Active Endpoints CTO, Michael Rowley, on Tuesday, February 1 at 12pm ET / 17:00 UTC. The topic is "Compensation: Undoing work when things go wrong." Register: www.activevos.com/ctot.

In this week's episode, Rowley will delve into one of the most widely requested topics of the CTO Tuesdays series. He will discuss how to use compensating transactions for long-running business processes. In addition to comparing and contrasting BPMS support for transactions with that of traditional transaction management, he will show how you can use compensating processes to undo work when things invariably go wrong. Which, inevitably, they do, so you may as well be prepared!

Technologies discussed on CTO Tuesdays cover a wide variety of BPM technologies, including BPMN 2.0, SOA, web services, process modeling tools, BPEL, execution engines, AJAX-based forms development and human task integration.

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