Commodities Trader Trafigura Redesigns Risk Management System with ActiveVOS

Active Endpoints today announced that Trafigura, Ltd. has deployed a commodities market risk assessment system orchestrated by ActiveVOS. Trafigura is one of the world's leading international commodity traders, specializing in the oil, minerals and metals market. Trafigura's primary trading businesses are the supply and transport of crude oil, petroleum products, natural gas, liquefied natural gas and metals. It is the world's second largest independent non-ferrous trading company and the third largest independent oil trader.

Brown Study, a UK-based ActiveVOS partner, led the redesign and implementation by first re-working legacy applications as services and then orchestrating them with ActiveVOS. Trafigura's new services-oriented architecture risk assessment application is more reliable, offers vastly better performance and is easy to extend.

"Using ActiveVOS, we were able to reduce the time required for risk assessment reporting from between six to eight hours down to just 35 minutes," said Michael Marconi, director, Brown Study, Ltd. "Now that the risk assessment application is in production, it has proven to be highly robust -- previously a challenge for Trafigura -- and producing daily risk assessment reports is now stress-free. Traders can now far more easily assess risk, which drives the fundamental trading business for Trafigura."

Brown Study has documented the details of its approach to designing and developing this important business process management (BPM) application in a free whitepaper.

ActiveVOS allows developers, business analysts, operations staff and managers to develop, test, deploy, manage and maintain a new generation of 100% standards-based BPM applications affordably and quickly. In contrast to the stitched-together-through-acquisition approaches of other vendors, ActiveVOS comes complete. ActiveVOS is easy to learn and easily deployed. Download a trial of ActiveVOS.

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