Build Functional Java Applications with New Book on JBoss Tools

Packt is pleased to announce a new book on JBoss Tools. Written by Anghel Leonard, JBoss Tools 3 Developers Guide is the first book available on JBoss Tools, teaching users to develop Java applications using technologies such as JSF, Struts, Seam, jBPM, Portlet applications and so on.

JBoss Tools consists of the best Java frameworks and technologies placed together under the same "roof". Through this book, users will learn to build Hibernate, Struts, Web Services, jBPM, ESB, etc with many examples and screenshots. This book is set around developing Java applications using a variety of powerful technologies, and configuring the proper environment for the current tool. While creating an application the reader will be able to explore the tool and learn its features as well.

Using the Portal Tools wizard, developers will learn to create projects with Portlet Facets, Java Portlet wizard, and JSF/Seam Portlet wizard. They will learn about Web Services Tools that are used for writing WSDLs, and publishing web services based on UDDI (jUDDI) and WSIL. Using WS Tools wizards, they will be able to generate a complete web service from a WSDL document and from a Java bean. In addition to this, users will also be shown how to develop JBoss ESB Services using ESB Tools.

Readers will learn to download and install Eclipse Ganymede. They will be able to configure different JBoss AS distributions, and monitor the JBoss AS directly from Eclipse IDE. They will also be taught how to customize and develop JBoss Tools Palette, and use it in text files that contain tags.

Java developers with experience in technologies such as JSF, Struts, ESB, Seam, etc will find this book useful. This book is out now and is available from Packt. For more information, please visit:

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