InfoWorld: Iona upgrades open, closed source SOA

Iona Technologies is updating its Artix and Fuse SOA product lines, which feature the Artix closed source enterprise service bus and the Fuse open source technologies.

Iona offers a distributed approach to SOA that supports combinations of open source and closed source software. "We could call that the hybrid approach," said Eric Newcomer, Iona CTO.

A key addition to the Fuse product line is Fuse HQ, which serves as a management console for managing open source products from one console. It also can manage software such as Web servers. Fuse HQ is based on Hyperic Enterprise technology.

"It's a single management console" that also can monitor Artix software, said Debbie Moynihan, director of product management for open source at Iona.

With Artix, Iona is adding enhanced governance in the Artix registry and repository. Enhancements include versioning support, customized metadata, and improved visualization of deployed Web services.

Also featured in Artix is additional support for enterprise integration patterns, with capabilities offered such as message splitting and message validation. This simplifies the use of common patterns for integration developers, Newcomer said.

Artix features an SOA infrastructure suite, Iona said. With the update, ActiveBPEL 4.0, which is embedded in the Artix Orchestration software product, now supports BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) 2.0, which offers capabilities for message attachments and additional security. Artix Orchestration provides for workflow and service orchestrations.

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