How to resolve a BPEL Xpath query in WSDL?


I have a question about XPath query in WSBPEL.

Let's take an example from WSBPEL 2.0 specification, a BPEL query:


but a normal XPath1.0 query in WSDL should perform something like:

e:complexType[@name='AuctionResults']/e:sequence/e:element[name='AuctionResult']... --> BPEL query cares only about the element NAME and att name.

For some reason, we build a programm to manipulate the BPEL query part "/e:AuctionResult[2]/@AuctionID" as an input and perfrom an Xpath query in WSDL to get for the corresponding element information. Because when BPEL query uses some additional XPath functions library, the problems are complex to translate to the right XPath query as above.What do people do to solve the problem?

Hope someone would help

I'm really appreciate. Thank you very much


<xsd:complexType name="AuctionResults">


      <xsd:element name="AuctionResult" maxOccurs="unbounded"



            <xsd:attribute name="AuctionID" type="xsd:int"/>

            <xsd:attribute name="Result" type="xsd:string"/>




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