Ask a question from others

I ask a question from others.

"We developed a product based on XPDL,but our customers asked us about BPEL/B4P, so we want to integrate a BPEL product in our product.

we find that  we can do anything what BPEL/B4P can do  by XPDL, including web-service function. I don't know  what is the benefits of BPEL/B4P comparing with XPDL? Why i need a  BPEL product?”


I think, it is a strategic decision based on customer demand. We decided for BPEL quite a few years ago, because BPEL was the most mature standard, and with the broughtest industry support.

It might be hard to explain to your customers why you do not have BPEL, even when they do not get a real advantage out of it (in practise BPEL reuse tends to be seldom yet. Abstract BPEL for templates and protocol definitions is seldomly used)


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